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RNZ International is a professionally managed company which has emerged as a lead supplier of agri inputs to South & South East Asia, Africa and MENA region. Headquartered in Dubai, it produces over 400 Plus different NPK grades of water solubles, granular, suspension & liquid grades at its state-of-art facility in Jebel Ali. In addition to production, RNZ is an asset based supplier of full range of straight solubles/ granular & organic fertilizers, being sourced from its own facilities & partner companies worldwide.

RNZ does not just supply only products, but strongly believes in developing the markets and understanding the inherent needs of the market.

The main purpose of the company is to be cost effective, customized crop solution provider for better yields and happy farming family.

RNZ envisions to provide affordable innovative products to farmers for increasing yield, thereby reducing cultivation costs without compromising food health, soil, water and environment.

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Efficient fertilizers and fertilization methods have become the only answer to the ever-growing demand for farm produce.

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R & D and Training Centre

RNZ gives utmost importance to quality & innovation. Our Quality products give farmers value for their money. We are committed to innovation, with ever evolving products and services based

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Technical Hub

RNZ technical hub for his R & D published papers, Agronomic success, and new assignment for the technical community to deliver new innovations ideas in field of agri inputs .

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