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R&D and Training Centre

RNZ gives utmost importance to quality & innovation. Our Quality products give farmers value for their money. We are committed to innovation, with ever evolving products and services based on latest scientific advances. For this purpose RNZ has an independent R&D center and team of dedicated professionals experienced in agriculture & inorganic / organic chemistry.

The Main objective of the Centre:

  • To educate farmers’ regarding agri input usage and application for increasing agricultural output
  • To formulate Customized NPK grades according to specific crop requirement
  • To design and implement research projects that aim to develop new innovative products and services enhancing agricultural produce
  • To learn & share impact of agri inputs on crop life cycle and growth
  • To know compatibility of fertilizer grades with other agri inputs
  • To evaluate the impact on crops fertilized (treated) with specialty agri inputs versus those not fertilized (Untreated)
  • To conduct field trails/demo plots for the specialized agri inputs to check its effectiveness on crops.

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