About RNZ

RNZ is one of the fastest growing, professionally managed company which has emerged as a lead supplier of agri inputs to South & South East Asia, Africa and MENA region. It’s fully automatic NPK blending and granulation facilities in UAE produces customized crop specific grades.

The manufacturing unit set up in UAE in the year 2011, has combined production capacity of 105,000 MT/annum and produces over 400 customised crop specific grades.

The company’s operational capabilities are supported by an in-house Research team backed by fully equipped modern laboratory.


Purpose of the company

To be cost effective , customised crop solution provider for better yields and happy farming families.


Exploring the Future

RNZ is leading expert in specialty fertilizers, delivering exceptional plant nutrition products and supporting growers worldwide. RNZ combines vision and leadership, technology and innovation, all while striving to create cutting-edge solutions for tomorrow’s challenge of agriculture and industry.


Exploring Solutions

RNZ develops and produces a wide range of customized specialty fertilizers. Our premium products are highly efficient, compatible with negligible detrimental elements which provide optimized plant nutrition solutions. Our customized agri inputs enable application convenience, assure environmental friendliness and maximize yields from given inputs under diverse farming conditions.


Committed for sustainable agriculture

Efficient fertilizers and fertilization methods have become the only answer to the ever-growing demand for farm produce. Modern agriculture must supply optimum dose of nutrients to the crop throughout the growth cycle in the most efficient manner possible, and without degrading soil and water resources. Fertigation and foliar application of fertilizers enables highly efficient use of nutrients.