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Liquid & Suspension products

RNZ offers a complete range of customized liquid & suspension crop nutrition products with high purity and quality products. RNZ NPK liquid and suspension products are made with high-quality raw materials for enhanced crop productivity.

Advantages of RNZ Liquid & Suspension products:
  • RNZ offers concentrated grades to optimize crop nutrition for all growth stages
  • Produced from premium quality raw materials without impurities and detrimental elements
  • Contains very low chlorine (Cl-) and Sodium (Na+) and are free from heavy metals.
  • It is an optimal crop input for intensive agriculture which can be used also under saline soil conditions.
  • Suitable for fertigation and foliar application.
Liquid Grades
NPK 02:07:14High source of Potassium for Fruit development and uniformityCOA MSDS
NPK 10:08:10Special grades with nitrogen and Potassium for growth and Fruit setCOA MSDS
NPK 10:10:10Balance grade for general growthCOA MSDS
NPK 10:30:00High source of potassium for Root developmentCOA MSDS
Suspension grades
NPK 0:52:34Special grade for plant nutritionCOA MSDS
NPK 12:0:60High source of potassium for Fruit setting and developmentCOA MSDS
NPK 12:52:08High source of Potassium for Plant growth and root developmentCOA MSDS
NPK 12:61:0
Special grade for Plant Nutrition
NPK 25:25:25Balance grade for general growthCOA MSDS