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RNZ produces numerous NPK granular grades that can be fully customized per user needs. RNZ ensures our raw materials are very low in chlorides/sulfates/ sodium content.

Advantages of RNZ NPK Granular products:
  • Each granule contains the specified nutrients and is readily available for crop uptake
  • Specific grades contain micronutrients in easily available forms for faster uptake by crops.
  • The high-purity raw materials used contain very low chlorine (Cl-) and Sodium (Na+) and are free from heavy metals.
  • Uniform granules for ease of application
NPK 12:11:18Special-grade fertilizer with high nitrogen and PotassiumCOA MSDS
NPK 12:12:17Special-grade fertilizer with balanced nitrogen and phosphorus with high potassiumCOA MSDS
NPK 15:15:15Balance Fertilizer for General GrowthCOA MSDS
NPK 18:18:05High Source of Nitrogen & Phosphorus, improves vegetative growth and root developmentCOA MSDS
NPK 19:19:19
Balance Fertilizer for General Growth