RNZ Granular NPK products

RNZ produces numerous NPK granular grades which can be fully customized as per user needs. RNZ ensures the raw materials we use are very low in chlorides/ sulphates/ sodium content.

Advantage of RNZ NPK Granular products:

  • Each granule contains the specified nutrients and readily available for crop uptake
  • Specific grades contain micronutrients in easily available forms for faster uptake by crops.
  • The high purity raw materials used, contains very low chlorine (Cl-) and Sodium (Na+) and are free from heavy metals.
  • Uniform granules for ease of application
Product Description Attachments
NPK 12:11:18 Special grade fertilizer with high nitrogen and Potassium COA MSDS
NPK 12:12:17 Special grade fertilizer with balance nitrogen and phosphorus with high potassium COA MSDS
NPK 15:15:15 Balance Fertilizer for General growth COA MSDS
NPK 18:18:05 High Source of Nitrogen & Phosphorus, improves vegetative growth and root development COA MSDS
NPK 19:19:19 Balance Fertilizer for General growth COA MSDS