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Prilled/ Granular UreaHighest Nitrogen (46% ) content solid fertilizer. Available as Prilled and Granular grades.COA & MSDS
Mono Ammonium PhosphateSolid fertilizer contains 61% of P2O5 as Phosphorous source to plants.COA & MSDS
Mono Potassium PhosphateWater soluble fertilizer with Higher content of two major nutrients( Phosphorus and Potassium)COA & MSDS
Potassium Nitrate ( Powder & Prilled)Natural source of Nitrate and it’s the finest source of Nitrogen and Potassium fertilizer available in Both Prilled and PowderCOA & MSDS
Calcium Nitrate – SolubleWater soluble granular Nitrogenous fertilizer with soluble calcium. Suitable for Drip irrigation and foliar application.COA & MSDS
Calcium Nitrate with BoronCalcium Nitrate with important nutrient Boron, Which is essential for good flower formation and fruit setting.COA & MSDS
Potassium SchoeniteFertilizer with proper balanced proportion of Magnesium and Potassium, provides plant strength and builds resistance to any environmental stress.COA & MSDS
Urea Phosphatewater soluble fertilizer with Higher Phosphorus (44%P2O5) along with Nitrogen.COA & MSDS
Triple Super PhosphateHigh Phosphorous (46% P2O5) phosphatic fertilizer with calcium.COA & MSDS
Di ammonium PhosphateHighly soluble granular phosphatic based fertilizer provides both Phosphorous and nitrogen to Plants to perform better.COA & MSDS
Mono Ammonium PhosphateFertilizer promotes good root growth which results in higher yield with Phosphorous and Nitrogen – Two major Nutrient.COA & MSDS