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RNZ Organic & Soil Conditioners

Agriculture GypsumSoil Conditioner which improves soil structure to hold more phosphorous and other Leachable nutrients with better aeration in the soil.COA & MSDS
Guano PhosphateNaturally derived Organic fertilizer enriched with Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium which increase soil fertility and hence better plant productivity.COA & MSDS
Humic/ Fulvic AcidBoth Humic and Fulvic based products act as bio stimulants. Activates Plant internal process which results in better crop productivity. Increase Microbial activities in the soil. Improve soil fertility.COA & MSDS
Seaweed rangeSeaweed Extracts are natural bio stimulants. Contains Phytohormones and Proteins which are essential for healthier crop and good yield. Enriches soil with its Micro and macro nutrients.COA & MSDS
Salt CorrectorHigh Quality soil corrector to correct Saline soil. Salt corrector application is much essential for High Sodic and High Saline soil. Removes sodic salt and makes the soil suitable for crop cultivation.COA & MSDS